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When you buy our TV BOX (One Time Purchase)

If you purchased someone elses Android TV box that doesn't work send it back & have us send you our box which was developed to work in the USA. As long as you have a solid internet service (25 down or better) our box will work!

You get an Linux based TV BOX & Optional keyboard that allows you to play what you want, when you want to watch it --- FREE! NO MONTHLY CHARGES! ·         

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How this works - Our TV BOX is custom programmed in the USA by UpstateTV.net. What separates our TV BOX service from others is a TV BOX that is set up specifically for you so it works on delivery! 

Many of the TV BOX’s available on the internet today are simply a crap-shoot as to whether they work or not on arrival or within a short time. Worst of all there is typically no local help available to get it going. We send out on-going automatic updates to keep your system working and have USA based support (34 North Main street, Brockport, NY 14420) that you can call. You can stop in our store for a free demo or personal support (open weekdays 10AM to 6PM). 


How is it possible to get Free ON-DEMAND movies & TV Shows forever? The primary application we include is a customized application called UpstateTV.  This is an open source program that enables you to find & play free video streams from around the world. This means that any stream found for you to play will have better or equal quality than you would get on a high priced satellite or cable system. If a stream is lost or poor quality simply start the process over and choose a different stream since almost every stream found is one of many available. By far the majority of the time the link delivered meets or exceeds your expectations! (If it doesn’t simply switch to one that does). 

New Option: One Click & Premium Links: 
What is our One Click & Premium Links Service ($10/mo.)? We have developed our own capability to play On-Demand Movies & TV Shows by simply choosing the icon representing what you want to play & clicking it. It is truly refreshing to use this service after typically using the normal 3 or 4 step method. We have also included the ability to use the multi-step method for the situation that you need to use other than our service and of course the old method still works for those of you that choose not to purchase our "One Click & Premium Links option. We also include our Premium Links service which automatically finds additional links to the streams you want to watch. Premium Links significantly enhances your streaming experience.

New Option: Live TV!
We offer you LIVE TV for as little as $20 / month! We continually look for new LIVE TV services that are compatible with our TV BOX. We then choose one as an authorized re-seller & make it available to you. More importantly we support what we sell so you will have access to a USA based (Brockport, NY) support team to push out updates to keep your TV BOX working and to answer your questions.  As with the on-demand streams, LIVE TV streams are available on a best effort basis. All of these new TV services are new entrepreneurial services that are struggling to make their service the best possible service available. They compete directly with the big guys so they have to offer a much bigger bang for the buck. These services have not been viable over the past few years but are now amazingly good in terms of programming & quality for just a little bit of money! 

Why Purchase the Air-mouse option? The Air-mouse includes both a full keyboard & the ability to move a cursor around your display by simply waving the remote in front of the TV while the mouse mode is turned on. Click a button to turn off the mouse & the Left, Right, Up, Down cursor navigation re-engages. Simple to access number keys are on one side of the remote while a full keyboard is on the other. Both have back lighting with the touch of a button.


*** You must have a consistent high speed internet service in place & accessible by this TV Box for it to work (this is not an internet service). This is only a TV Box that uses an internet service to work ***



There are many TV Box alternatives out there! Most of them either do not work upon delivery or stop working within weeks of you setting them up. Your alternatives at that point are limited, return the box, try to reprogram it yourself or replace it. Our TV Boxes work! We send out updates on an on-going basis to keep them working & you can call our support line during working hours and talk to a local support person if for any reason a problem occurs.


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