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Are you upset with the latest changes to your TV service?

Spectrum has recently encrypted their cable service & dropped support for older TV’s!

That means everyone using the old TW cable directly into their TV or through a converter box were surprised to see their TVs no longer working.

 I’m afraid it is gone forever!


We have a solution for you that won’t drain your wallet and save you money for years to come.

Upstate Internet is now offering our new UpstateTV service which includes On-Demand Videos, On-Demand TV Shows & even Live TV for as little as $30/Mo. and a one-time fee of $120 for the TV Box.

Our On-Demand service includes just about every Movie or TV Show out there and if it isn’t available now it will be soon! Our TV service has most channels except a few obscure ones. Also, let us surprise you about all those channels that cost extra with other services.

This is how it works:

  • You must have a solid Internet service in place to make this TV Box work. (The basic Spectrum internet service works great! Any internet service with more than 15 Mbps down & 3 Mbps up will work. Higher speed service is required to have multiple TV’s running at the same time)
  • Purchase our TV Box & connect it to your internet service with the Ethernet Cable supplied or via your 5G WIFI connection. (Std. 2.4 WIFI will typically work but 5G works better.)
  • Connect the TV Box into your TV HDMI input. (HDMI Cable included) Your TV has to have HDMI input or something that can be converted to HDMI to work.
  • Plug in the TV Box & you are able to play both ON-Demand Movies & TV Shows. UpstateTV offers a service called Premium Links that allow you to play almost all Movies & TV Shows within 10 seconds of its One-Click Selection. Without this service to play something it can take up to a 3 step process that takes a minute or more. (UpstateTV One-Click Premium Links $10/Mo.)
  • Live TV is also an UpstateTV service. It includes over 320 US, Canadian & UK channels. All our services are Month to Month so if at any time you don’t need it you just cancel the service. (UpstateTV Live TV Service $20/Mo.)
  • We are Local! Our Store is at 34 North Main Street, Brockport NY 14420. Please stop by and ask questions or see the service for yourself! We also have a support line so you can give us a call if you have any installation problems or if you have any other questions.

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